31 May 2012

[SALE] Collection for Sale, Final [UPDATED 31/05/12]

Updated 31/05/12

For sale. Please contact +6738963759. Only for sale to hobbyist living in Brunei. Thanks for being interested. I prefer to be contacted via mobile as I no longer check on my blog. Thanks again.

10 issues of Hobby Japan (Chi)
@ B$25.00 [SOLD]

10 issues of Dengeki Hobby (Chi)
@ B$25.00

2 issues of Dengeki Hobby (Jap)
@ B$10.00

Gundam 00 Gundam Weapons
@ B$15.00

3 issues of Hobby Wordld (Chi)
@ B$5.00

3 x Bandai Display Base (Clear Green) w/all accessories
@ B$18.00 [SOLD]

IKEA Detolf Glass Shelf
@ B$120.00 [SOLD]

S.H.Figuart Super Saiyan Goku 
@ B$45.00 [SOLD]

S.H.Figuart Super Siayan Gohan 
@ B$45.00 [SOLD]
Revoltech 021 Giant Robo-2
@ B$17.00

Revoltech 044 Black Ox
@ B$17.00

 Revoltech 055 Krauser II
@ B$17.00 [SOLD]

Revoltech 076 EV-01 Movie Awakening Ver.
@ B$45.00

HG00 OO Raiser Designer Color
@ B$20.00 [BUILT]

RG 002 Char's Zaku II
@ B$40.00 [BUILT]

 SOC Chogokin GX-49 Shin Mazinger Z
@ B$75.00
 GFF 0035 Gundam Shin Musha
@ B$40.00 [SOLD]

Alternity Transformer Cliffjumper
@ B$62.00 [SOLD]

 HCMPro EX-78-2 Roll Out Color Limited
@ B$10.00 [SOLD]

1/48 Gundam Unicorn Head Display
@ B$15.00 [BUILT]
Note: Parts cut from runner. No missing.

Mechanical Display Base
@ B$5.00 [SOLD]

 Gundam Liu Bei Mod Parts - Wings 

 Gundam Liu Bei Mod Parts - Shotgun

23 February 2012

[OTHERS] Few Final Projects (3 of 5) - HG Gundoom, HG00 00 Raiser, HGUC Zeta

A few pictures of some of the remnant Gunplas. 3 of 5 of them to be exact. Thanks for viewing.

22 January 2012

[OTHERS] Desktop & Collection Setup 2012

Happy Chinese New Year 2012 to ALL !!!!

Just want to share my new desktop setup and whatever is left of my Gunpla collection.

Have a blast 2012 !!!!

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