16 January 2010

Tamiya 1/24 Nissan Fairlady version Nismo

First Tamiya car post of the year 2010; the Nissan Fairlady ver.Nismo. Not a kit of mine though. Belongs to Monkey-001 :) Don't think this car need much of an explanation. Just enjoy the pictures but I must say that the lightning yellow (is it?) paint job was done extremely well and another plus point to its noir head lights.

Thanks for viewing. Still indulge in the holiday mood ? haha...Currently, piled with works for all the fun I had.


  1. Nice car, i guess if your friend own the real car, i think that will be really really cool.

    i still prefer 350 Z then 370 Z. cause 350 Z got a code name, they say is mini type of GT-R35 haha.. cool right.

    350Z and Silvia S15 is my favorite car ;)

  2. totally agree with you bro. you also have the same taste as my fren who owns this kits.

    i personally like R35 very much and still have an un-build kit :D


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