03 November 2009

[GALLERY] Hotworks RF - HKS Nissan Silvia

Another small break from Gunplas :D I think I am hooked to photo taking as well. I have been taking alot of my friend's toys for photo sessions !!! I am currently also holding his MG Gouf and soon will be take pictures of it. Before that I will need to do some clean up and panel lining on it.

Here is another car model from Hotworks Racing Factory. They produce pretty darn detail models. This model may look big in the pictures here but its only slightly bigger than the Hotwheels die-cast out there !!! Ya...really !!!

Less talk more pictures :)

Awesome packaging ! Just makes you don't want to take it out from the box but whatever ! I need to take more detail pictures of it :D

Awesome detailing for a 1/64 scale model car. Cool stuffs eh. The RX-7 I posted some time ago is from the same maker; Hotworks Racing Factory.

Thanks for viewing :) Hope that these pictures is good enough to do justice to the model :D

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