25 October 2009

[GALLERY] Hotworks RF - Apex D1 Project Mazda RX-7

A break from Gunpla stuffs...This time I took Monkey-001's RX-7 model for a photo session. He got this model many years ago. It's a very detail model from Hotworks Racing Factory. The scale for this model is 1/24 and comes with exchangeable parts like wheels, kits, spoilers and etc. This die-cast model has already survive numerous falls from Monkey-001's dashboard.

Not sure about you guys, but RX-7 is one of the best looking race car around; yes ! better than its successor RX-8. Good to further tryout my camera, photo taking skills and setup :). Monkey has about 10-15 more Tamiya car model kits; will be seeing more soon :)

Thanks for viewing :) I think I am addicted to photo taking !!!

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