25 September 2010

[WIP] MG 111 RX-78-2 Smoked Clear WIP1

Hi All, its almost one month since my last entry. Have been busy with all sort of things but then again, I still siphoned a little bit of my free time to build the smoked clear RX-78-2 which I got from Perth about 2 months ago. Not too sure whether this is an event item but I feel that its not easy to get this kit.

Anyways, the usual process of snipping out all the parts and then spraying the color of my desire.

All the parts in a partitioned container...

 The silver frame before spray painting...

Divided into 2 batches for spray paint...

After spraying with Tamiya Gloss Aluminium...can see the obvious difference...

Some other parts before spray painting...

After going through Tamiya Gun Metal...

Thanks for viewing and expect the next part soon !!!


  1. wow.. nice wip.. WHERE DID YOU GET THE GUNMETAL SPRAY CANNSSSS!!! lol. sorry.. its virtually EXTINCT in my country man.. T.T im glad you got it.. ^^ looking forward to the final product!


  2. Hey Ren,

    Its still pretty much available in Brunei. I got it from 2 places; Nanyang, KB and Guan Hock Lee, BSB; 2 of the 4 districts in Brunei :) How are you doing ??

  3. oh i see.. its scarce in singapore man.. i could only use acrylic paint for it. maybe i'll ask my fren to get it for me.. muahahah.

    anws.. been abit down, jus recovered from flu.. but it turned into a cough. lolx. managed to finish alot of photoshoots from my done kits.. and now working on HG Kyrios.. wanna finish it soon before i start studying for JLPT... ORZ thanks for your concern! great to have you back! cheers! =D


  4. ic ic...i tot it is readily avail in sg..take care of yourself !!

    anyways thanks for dropping by and yes, gun metal is good for all purpose !!!

    cheers :)


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