30 May 2010

[GALLERY] HGUC 086 Gundam Nu [Reborn]

My HGUC 086 Nu has finally been completed. Actually I got this done a week before my room finished it's renovation. You can say that this kit is a check point for me as I am going to stop Gunpla for a while. Reason being the upcoming World Cup and also going to some casual gaming in PS3. 

Personal opinion is that this kit is now ranked in the top 3 of my favourite now :) Cutting the crap out, now let's take a look at Dalong's version of Nu (OoB built). Here goes:-

And here is my version of Nu. If you refer to my previous post, then you will know that I rebuilt this kit and experimented spray painting with it. Addition to that is obviously the decals I got from Samuel Decal. The outcome is a kit which looks much cooler than some of the MG kits that I have !!! and yes, it's my first masterpiece for now but still flawed here and there :)

Thanks for viewing :) Until next time !!!!

27 May 2010

[WIP] HGUC 078 Acguy R-WIP

 A sneak peek of my "almost-finished" reworked of Acguy. Have some left over spray paints so yea and did the re-coloring. Actually, I saw a similar color scheme is one of the Dengeki and/or Hobby Japan magazine and thought that it might be cool to mod mine too. Apparently, it turned out quite good (in my opinion).


Thanks for viewing and stay tune for more :D

25 May 2010

[WIP] HGUC RX-78-2 (30th Anniversary) Mod (REBORN)

Any of you guys still remember the mod project that I "tried" last year ? I was trying to re-color the HGUC RX-78-2 30th Anniversary. Nope ?? Here you go; this is the PROPOSED project and it ended in FAILURE. And now, after almost 1 year of experience in Gunpla, I took up the project again (with a new kit of course which I got from HWJapan some time ago here).

Notice something different in the pictures above and below ? I experiment using Tamiya's putty and removed the seam lines and apparently I was successful :) Just take a closer look :)

Gang of RX-78-2. I actually did a couple of kits concurrently. Very hectic hence I am taking a break for the time being...

Thanks for viewing and stay tune for more :)

24 May 2010

[ADV]'s New Video

Hi All, a short post here :) William of contacted me a while ago. They have another new video to promote their shop. Please have a look and follow the link on the left side panel of this blog to their shop. Have fun shopping.

Thanks for viewing. Till next time.

23 May 2010

[OTHERS] New Crib :D

Hey guys...this is what I have been up to. Just got the room renovated. Spent a hell lot on renovation, furniture and will be stopping Gunpla for a while. Just wanna direct my attention to some other stuffs for the time being. 

The PS3 my friend, Monkey-001 bought recently will certainly be a good distraction :) and the coming World Cup in June deserves some attention :D So ya :) a break I guess...

This is the IKEA Detolf glass cabinet that most hobbyist use to display their collection. So here is mine. Notice that my friend's HGUC Pyscho and HGUC Unicorn is here too. They are completed but I have yet the time to take pictures of them.

Apart from that, you will also see the HGUC RX-78-2 Custom and my completed HGUC Gundam Nu. All done but I do not have the time to take more pictures. What you all cannot see is my completed RWIP of MG RX-78-2 OYW and RWIP Acguy.

I kept the Revoltech in the last level. Still have some Gunpla kits in box.

Thanks for viewing. Stay tune for more. However, the next post will probably be next month.

21 May 2010

[REVIEW] Water Slide Decal; Shops, Quality and Insights

It's only natural when you are into Gunpla, you would want to make your kits look professional. Apart from the usual panel lining, painting and others, one of the method is to apply decals. In this case, I am talking about wet transfer decal and it does not come cheap and the only source is via e-shops.

As mentioned in an earlier post, the 3 e-shops that I source my decals from are:-

1. Samuel Decal [HK]
2. Tatsu Hobby [US]
3. V2 Hobby World [SG]

You would have seen my kits before and after decal was done. It's just awesome. Those who have not, please look at the pictures below:-

HGUC Unicorn

HGUC Char's Zaku II

 HGUC Psycho Gundam 


Let's start by talking about my buying experience. Notice the location of the shops. There are from all over the place; HK, SG and US so bear this in mind when getting the decals.


V2 Hobby World which is less well known in fact provides the easiest way for purchasing decals. All you need to do is look up the decals you want, add to cart, input your shipping address and you will be billed via PayPal. Note that SG buyers get free delivery or can meet up in person for collection.

Tatsu Hobby has a similar system like V2 Hobby World. Easy to navigate and purchase. Shipping is free (May not be always good). Shall discuss in later sections. Pay via PayPal.

Samuel Decal does not have the usual sales system. You will need to look up the decals you want, copy and paste the information and send them an email. Samuel will then invoice you with all the important information like shipping address, cost and etc. Pay via PayPal. 

Pole:     1. V2 Hobby World     2. Tatsu Hobby     3. Samuel Decal


Please refer to the following table. It shows the decals that I have bought and the price with shipping to Brunei from it's respective countries. Notice that at time of writing, I have yet to receive my decals from Tatsu !!!

There is nothing much to the price. It is almost similar and frankly speaking, its difficult to compare the prices unless you are getting identical decals (which I am not doing).

Pole:     1. V2 Hobby World, Samuel Decal, Tatsu Hobby     2. --    3. --


V2 Hobby World is the fastest since they are situated in SG. My order from them was last but their decals came first.

Samuel Decal's decal came second but the order of arrival does not match purchase. Example, I bought HG Hi-Nu decal then HG Exia decal but HG Exia's decal came first. Not sure whether its something to do with the postal service in Brunei or not.

Tatsu Hobby's decal DID NOT ARRIVE at time of writing. In fact, I placed order with them first. I have contacted them and they told me it was already shipped. I can't complain much since the shipping is FREE and it is coming from the US. Not sure whether it will ever arrive or not.

See Table in previous section.
Pole:     1. V2 Hobby World    2. Samuel Decal    3. Tatsu Hobby [NOT ARRIVED YET]


Samuel Decal undoubtly has the largest selection of decals. Designs are available for ALL Gundam series and most of them are customised design. They do have Bandai based design as well. In addition, you can also cook-up your own design and request a print from them.

V2 Hobby World only sells original Bandai decals. Nothing out of ordinary; just plain Bandai stuffs.

Tatsu Hobby is selling some pretty awesome decals not available at the two other shops. I saw some of these decals were use in decaling garage kits of G-System etc. However, the decals are limited.

Pole:     1. Samuel Decal    2. V2 Hobby World    3. Tatsu Hobby


V2 Hobby World's decal need no review. They are Bandai. Who else could have produced better decals ? Well, what I can do is to share my experience using their decals. A couple of plus points for Bandai's decal is the strength and etched out print. Once soaked in water (for at least 40secs), the decal can be slide easily on smooth surface with predefined etched out decals. And it does not get "bend" easily and hence it does not get "stuck" together that often. Even so, it can be easily "un-bend" and "un-stuck" with more water. 

Samuel Decal's decal. Well, I actually used Samuel's decal prior to Bandai's decal. Verdict is that Bandai's print is much better. Sam's has abundant designs and all but you will need a fair bit of skill to use them. Plus the prints are easily smudge when you hold the decal too tight while you are trying to cut a piece of decal out. Speaking of which, Sam's decal is not etched so whatever the shape you cut it out with, it comes with it so be aware while using Sam's decal. Sam's decal is fragile and "bends" easily hence getting "stuck" together more often. This is destroy that piece of decal if it was to happend.

Tatsu Hobby ? I have no comments as I have yet to receive anything from them. What a pity...
Pole:     1. V2 Hobby World    2. Samuel Decal    3. Tatsu Hobby [NOT ARRIVED YET]


Getting the decals from either V2HW or Samuel is green light. I am putting my hands down for Tatsu because I have yet to receive anything after 2.5 months of purchasing. Really, the only definining factor is the design, even if Samuel's decal is more difficult to use, you will most definitely get it since they are not available with Bandai. I strongly suggest beginners to start off with Bandai decals so that you won't be put down by multiple fails and wasting money on spoiled decals. Price-wise, again won't be much of a difference considering the fact that your aim is to make your kit look much much better. Anyways, just refer to the table in above sections.

Thanks for reading this review and hopefully those who decide to purchase based on my review can share their experience too especially with Tatsu. However, I am sure they did sent the decals out but just tad too slow to reach Brunei.

20 May 2010

[GALLERY] Revoltech 055 Krauser II [Part3]

Final part of the Krauser II series :) 2 of his most famous pose; Smashing the guitar and Ultra Fast Strumming !!! Anyways, this figure is extremely cool to have around. Thanks for viewing :)


Thanks for viewing :) Till next time...
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