10 August 2009

[OTHERS] Dragon Ball Z !! Goku !!

I am sure that most of us have watched Dragon Ball Z in one way or another !! Now they are remastering and cut DBZ and airing it as Dragon Ball Kai. The story is much more faster (kame-hame-ha for 3 whole episodes !!! remember??)...

Anyways, while I was looking at MORE gunplas, I came across a few DBZ figures (sculpted). One word: AWESOME !!!!

Take a look a these pictures. I am showing 3 dioramas.

Take 1: Freeza punching Goku in the stomach during that final battle on Namek.

Take 2: Goku/Gohan Kame-hame-ha blasting at Cell at Cell games

Take 3: Goku charging up !!!

All these cost a fortune man !

All pictures are from HobbySearch.

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