01 July 2010

[WIP] MG 102 Gundam Unicorn WIP1

 I know that I have just gone through the HGUC 1/144 Unicorn water slide decalling hell....but that did not stop me from doing MG 102 Unicorn. Felt that it will be such a waste to just leave the kit unbuild at a corner. So I started building while watching the world cup and surprisingly enough, it took me 4 days to finish the kit. Not with decalling of course but with all the other necessary procedures done. 

Here are some random pictures of the WIP.

I sprayed all the white parts with Pearl White...

The inner frame was coated with Gun metal grey (my favourite color now)...

I also gave the clear red parts some conditioning with metallic red so that it is not pinkish !! just click for a larger view :)

Stay tune for WIP 2 and thanks for viewing :)

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