12 August 2009

[FEATURE] Bootleg or Original; You be the Judge !!

Hey guys. Have a look at some of the pictures below. These are some of the work of my friend. I stole these pictures from his facebook. Hope that he don't mind.

This friend of mine have been a Gunpla fanatic eversince childhood. I was there but drop the hobby due to the price tags yo !! Over the years, he have collected over 100+ Gunplas. All of his HGs are original Bandai but some of his MGs are bootleg (Bendi etc).

Look at his work. Tell me which of these kits are original and bootleg. I am sure its not differentiable.

As a reference in price, some bootleg MGs are only SGD$19.90. Believe it or not man !!!

SEED - Strike Freedom Gundam

SEED - Destiny Gundam

Gundam Double X

Gundam Wing Zero Custom

1 comment:

  1. O_O cant even tell dey r all good like originals


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