30 November 2009

[OTHERS] New Car :D

Nothing to do with Gunpla :D

Just got myself a 1:1 scale Suzuki Swift beginning of the month. Extremely fuel efficient :D. Approximately B$20.00 for full tank and runs up to 500km. That's about B$0.04 per km !!!

Going places :D (Not like there are many places to go anyways |||)

29 November 2009

[FEATURE] Garage Kit - Khsatriya

Nope, it's not the HGUC version of Khstriya. This is the scratch build version from Matt. Please click here to go to his website. I just had to take his pictures and post it up here. Hope he don't mine. This is one awesome garage kit.

I think he build this for the E2046 competition (which I have no information about :P). I am not sure how he did it and I really wish that I have his skills !!! But nonetheless, just enjoy his work. Simply awesome !!!

Just look at the details guys. Speechless. I am not even sure how much time he could have spent on this kit. Respect !!!

How did he do it ??!!!
Everything coming together :D

The completed master piece !!!

Thanks for viewing guys and thanks to the modeler for having something (for me) so awesome to post !!!!

28 November 2009

[ADV] MG 1/8 Dragon Ball Z/Kai Goku; Finally Out !!

Bandai's first step into "figurise-ing" hero characters has finally started. Goku is finally out and available at at 20% discount. I don't think I have to introduce this kit anymore :) .

Find more pictures and details at here, here and here :).

Get yours now !!!

Item: Bandai MG Dragon Ball Z Goku
Price: USD$31.41 / HK345 /B$62.20

Thanks for viewing :)
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