26 August 2010

[SPECIAL] One Year Anniversary & My Collection

It has been one year since I started my blog. The exact date is August 5th, 2009. Started it out of boredom. At that time, I was just thinking of killing time and nothing more and the real reason I restarted was this HCMPro 1/200 RX-78-2 below:-

Then buying online simply got addictive. That's when I started my first ever MG; my all time favourite ever since I saw it from DannyChoo's blog many many years ago while I was still studying.

Then here were are, my blog have actually undergone 3 major facelift. Too bad I have not taken any screenshots of my blog now and then so I can make a comparison, at the very least. 1 year ago, gunpla is almost non-existence in Brunei and kits are so difficult to get.

There was no original Bandai kit; Chong Hock was just starting, Kawan Ria came later and some more. Now its all so easy but still the price is steep at some places. I don't blame them as its a mean of making a living too.

At time of writing, I have approximately more than 30,000 visitors and my current flag counter shows an average of 100-150 surfers per day and 30-60 unique visitors each day. Not great but I am happy to know that my work has been seen by these visitors.

A sincere thanks to all of you :) and thank you for your support. Due to my workload and various other things, I am not able to blog as often as I wanted to and building Gunpla now is taking too much time compared to when I just started.

Simply too many preparation, clean up and touch up to do. You all know what I mean :) Anyways, I am taking this chance to also give you guys a summary of the collection I have and also the completion status (to my standards). This should be my check point before I start another project that never ends...

First up, my HGUC collections; favourite time line of all. Mechas are more realistic when compared to the other series. I will also try to put in a few words for each kit down here. Note that they are not presented in chronological order; its according to the kit number.

HGUC 032 Char's Zaku II (100%)

I bought this kit from KawanRia when I went to dinner with my friend. Got it for B$22 if not mistaken. This kit took me one night to spray paint and assemble. Decals were frankentein from various MG kits leftover from my friend's yesteryear MGs. First kit I used the top coat on which turn out ok.

HGUC 041 Zeta Gundam (70%)

I bought this kit from HWJapan along with other kits (forgot which). I have always been a fan of Zeta. This kit is difficult to get even in SG and KawanRia is selling it at a pretty steep price. Anyways, I have done most of the painting to this kit but still alot more to be done. First kit which I tried to use putty to remove the seam lines; which works. Notice that I have also changed the color scheme to a lighter blue compared to the usual drak blue. The weapons is still a mess. I have the decals too but things are out of place. Will put this aside for the time being.

HGUC 049 Psycho Gundam (90%)

This kit does not belong to me. Owner is Monkey-001 but I am now in custody because I have the IKEA cabinet to store it dustless (to some extend only). Probably the biggest HGUC you can get now !!!

HGUC 078 Acguy (100%)

One of those fun kits I got from KawanRia. This kit is pretty MG-ish with all the frames in the arms and legs. Just head to my gallery have a look at the WIP. I decided not to decal this kit and simply made is "statue" like with the silver and black-silver combination.

HGUC 086 Nu Gundam (100%)

I got this kit from OG via a friend from SG for only B$29. Knock-out price !! I didn't like Nu at first and simply got it because of the freaking cheap tag. But when I started assembly it, the quality and design is awesome. Plus the proportion is better than its MG counterpart. Note that this is one of those early kts which I assembled with no skills and what you are seeing now is a rework version with decals from SameulDecal. Currently my top five kit.

HGUC 088 Sazabi (85%)

This the latest kit I am working on to date (2010/08). See my previous WIP. Almost finished decals but still there are parts to be painted which I am too lazy to do at this point of time. I believe it will stay as it is now in the cabinet for some time to come.

HGUC 089 Kampfer (80%)

I am planning to rework this kit. Got this via a friend from SG too. Feeling that what I have done in the past did not do justice to Kampfer. It could have look much better with better paint jobs and decals. Will see what can be done and my mood to do it.

HGUC 100 Gundam Unicorn D-Mode (98%)

This kit belongs to Monkey-001 but now it is with me. We actually these kits (Unicorn and Destroy) in parallel and got the decals off SamuelDecal.

HGUC 101 Gundam Unicorn U-Mode (100%)

This unicorn mode is my work. First try out on decalling and went through hell with this ver.Ka. See my WIP for more information. But ultimately, this kit looks so cool with the uber cautions and warnings decals !!! I coule have gone fore the Destroy mode but I didn't because I have the MG already (still in box that time).

HGUC RX-78-2 30th Anniversary (Spoiled)

I will put it in one simple sentence. I spoiled this kit by using industrial paint.

HGUC RX-78-2 30th Anniversary Custom (100%)

After the chaos above, I bought another kit from HWJapan and this time, with experience, I customised/change the color schemes to give it the 30th Anniversary treatment. Not great but I like how it turn out. I have also use putty to remove some seam lines. Just head to my WIP to see.

Next up are my MG collection:-

MG 069 Gundam Wing ver.Ka (75%)

I like Gundam Wing. I was actually into the Wing Custom but suddenly feels that the ver.Ka looks more badass. And I am not wrong (I feel). The kit itself is pretty easy to assemble. Did some minor color change but chose to just top coat the yellowish white. I have yet got the water slide decal for it so it will sit still in this stage for some time to come.

MG 078 RX-78-2 ver.OYW (100%)

Like I have mentioned earlier, RX-78-2 is still my all time favourite and believe it or not, this is the first ever MG kit that I have bought and assemble. But note that what you are seeing abobe is the re-work version with decals and top coat and etc. Currently, I have the smoked clear v2.0 and the RG in hand. Will only work on them when the time is right.

MG 094 Strike I.W.S.P (90%)

This has always been the 2nd MG kit I wanted to get but due to the price, I have put it on hold several times. Overall very easy to build, just wish that I had the skills to do better then. I would have spray painted it, top coated and used more decals. But now I am too lazy to re-work this kit.

MG 102 Gundam Unicorn Ver.Ka (85%)

I have changed the color schemes to resemble the G.F.F versions. Changed white to Pearl White, Blue to Metallic Blue and Pink to Translucent Red. Note that I have bought 2 of the Beam Gatlings guns too. What is left is to do the decals which will be a pain in the ass again. Hence, hold for now.

MG 123 Gundam Exia (85%)

This is the 2nd MG kit that I have built. Not much skills then. May need to rework it next time. Decals is not completely done and among other things.

HGSEED Kerberos (85%)

Bought it for SG$9 from SG via a friend. Just something cheap and kill time last time. Don't really know what to do with it next...

HG00 01 Gundam Exia (95%)

Was amazed by the articulation with this kit. I remember I bought this in ToysWorld Miri that time when Gunpla is scarce for RM66. Note that this is also a re-work kit.

HG00 51 Gundam Seravee with XN Raiser (70%)

Monkey-001's kit now with me for display. Still have alot of decalling to be done and the XN-raiser is all white now. Will need to find the correct colors so that this can be done properly.

HG00 052 Gundam O (75%)

Again, another unfinished kit; the decals, color scheme needs to be redone. Sigh...too many things to

SD Sangokuden Kits (75%)

Most of the kits are not with me. There are about 5 more SD kits with Monkey-001 (not counting those in the box).

Alternity Cliffjumper (Suzuki Swift)

This is something I got to match the car I am driving now. Yes, I am driving a Red Suzuki Swift just like the one above :)

Soul of Chogokin GX-49 Mazinger Z with God Scrander

I got this with the money someone scratch my car while overtaking. Enough said :)

Revoltech Collections

Random Revoltech collections which I have got during promotion/free shipping etc.

Thanks for viewing :) and note that these are not all of my collections. Some, I am too lazy to take out for photos. Anways, thanks once again for being supportive.

Before taking a long long break (dunno how long..) here are the kits still in hand to build..not alot but yea :) 

BUT may just randomly post something. Never know :) Again, Thanks for the support. Hopefully, I will be back soon :) It has been a good' ol one

23 August 2010

[WIP] HGUC 088 Sazabi WIP5

I have been meaning to post this for a couple of days already. Apparently there is something wrong with the uploading function so I just had to switch back to the old version to blog. Which in this case turns out pretty easy to use; back to the basics.

Anyways, long story cut short, I have almost finished decalling my Sazabi. Here are some random pictures. I really like how it turn out in the end. Plus I am giving Tatsu Hobby's decal 2 thumbs up. Good quality with pre-etched bounds/shapes.

There are still some painting yet to be done to the weaponry etc etc..

Note that I have also made the thruster white instead of the usual full black...

Closer look of all the details...

Funnel also decalled...looks cooler :)

Thanks for viewing and stay tune for more :)

17 August 2010

[WIP] HGUC 088 Sazabi WIP4

Almost done with Sazabi, except for the decals which just arrive. Will just leave it as it is for the time being and take another break from :D

Look at how my Zeta got forgotten, it has been there for some time standing at 80% completion...

Monkey-001's next-gen Sinanju standing tall behind predecessor Sazabi...

Stay tune for more and thanks for viewing :)

16 August 2010

[OTHERS] Mr.Hobby/Gunze and RJ London

Not too sure about for other builder, for me, I find that I still do not find a spray from Tamiya that is chrome/silver enough to my liking for some detailing purpose. Then me and my friend decided to try out the RJ London chrome.

Initially, I was afraid that it will be alike my RX-78-2 all over again if things goes wrong. But then again, it works, but you will still need to top coat it to prevent the chrome from coming off though. You should/will see that in my WIP for Sazabi, I have use this chrome for the thrusters and some energy cable. So far so good.


Frankly speaking, top coat is difficult to get in Brunei. Where did you guys get it other than from KawanRia ? There is a place selling in KB but it is very old and the pressure inside is kinda low. Have a look at the pictures below of the 2 versions. 

Thanks for viewing :)

15 August 2010

[WIP] HGUC 088 Sazabi WIP3

More work in progress :) buidling is one easy thing but detailing is a pain. Note that I have chose to use some industrial paint RJ London for the chrome parts. Take a look at the pictures below:-

Detailed the inner thruster and vent with gold instead of the usual yellow...

Thanks for viewing and stay tune for more :)
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