29 December 2010

[GALLERY] MG111 Gundam RX-78-2 ver2.0 Smoked Clear

Well, I have also finished this kit sometime ago but did not have the time to post any pictures of it. Anyways, now I am still in Taiwan and this is just a schedule posting. Wanted to end year 2010 with yet another RX-78-2, my favourite Gundam of all time. Anyways, there is only one pose for this kit.

Stay tune for more and thanks for viewing :)

28 December 2010

[OTHERS] Going to TAIWAN !!!!

 To All, Happy Advance New Year 2011 !!! I will be away to Taiwan for the rest of the year :) Will be back early January 2011. Enjoy your holidays and have fun !!!

26 December 2010

[OTHERS] SciPhone4

I purchased a fake iPhone online; its called the SciPhone4 :) My friend lost my E71 and paid me B$350 so I took the cash and got this less than B$100 phone. No time to play with it yet but it seems ok from YouTube reviews. Just search SciPhone4 on YouTube :)

25 December 2010

[WIP] MG 086 Gundam RX-178 Mk.II ver.2.0 (WIP7)

As promised, here is a wrap up of my final project of 2010; the MG086 RX-178 Mk.II ver.2.0. Although not 100% completed, I am happy with the outcome. If you can see, I have put some decals on and what I have not done is painting some of the details. Like I said, it has to wait till next year. 

Anyways, as a comparison, you will find Dalong's built here:-

This is mine:-

Thanks for viewing :) Stay tune for more next year !!! Happy Holidays !!!!

24 December 2010

[WIP] MG 086 Gundam RX-178 Mk.II ver.2.0 (WIP6)

Okays. RX-178 Mk.II is about 85% complete. I will call it a day for this kit (and of course for the rest of the year). I really like how the grey turned out. Note that I have not done any painting and decal yet. It will probably need to wait again for my mood to come. But here you go, some random pictures of my Mk.II. In fact, this is my last MG I have backlog. Not going to buy anymore unless I really like that kit. 

Bazooka grey is the same used for the frame...

Wanted to paint the details on the shield but it has to do with the foil sticker for the time being...

Thanks for viewing :) Expect another post to wrap this kit up :)
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