29 July 2010

[GET] Perth Holiday Purchases :)

Hi All !! I am currently in Perth now. Weather is cold with occasional rains but still bearable. Have not been doing much here but just took care of some personal matters. Nonetheless, when you are on holiday, you shop !!!

Not many know that in fact electronics stuffs especially IT stuffs can be very cheap as well. To my surprise, Gunpla is catching up here and the prices have drop drastically since the last time I was here. 

Here are the stuffs which I have bough so far...

MG RX-78-2 ver.2.0 Smoked Clear - AUD 59.00

Go here to their website and here for their facebook. They have alot of kits !!! Just get their address there :)

PS2/3 Games !!! Some of the games are preowned and got FF12 because I have never played it before although I just finished FF13...

Final Fantasy XII - AUD20.00 [Preowned]

Heavy Rain - AUD49.00 [New]

Assassin's Creed 2 - AUD46.00 [Preowned]

Devil May Cry 4 - AUD29.00 [Preowned]

Armored Core 4 - AUD20.00 [Preowned]

Need for Speed Underground - AUD29.00 [Preowned]

Oblivion 4 - AUD19.00 [Preowned]

Altered Species - AUD14.00 [Preowned]

WD TV Mini (Media Player) - AUD49.00 and WD Elements SE (500GB) - AUD99.00

I have also bought other things which I am too lazy to blog. Going to get the God of War 3 - Collectors Edition tomorrow. If I am not wrong, it was selling for AUD69.00.

Plus iPhone 4GS is launching tomorrow !!! Don't think I have a chance to get my hands on it though :( 

Thanks for viewing :)

26 July 2010

[OTHERS] Going on Holiday :)

Hey guys, its that time of the year again. Holiday time. Will be taking 1 week off to Perth. Be right back :) Will be flying off 12.25pm later this afternoon and dinner shall be in Perth !!!! Yesh~~~

25 July 2010

[WIP] MG 116 Sinanju WIP3

The frame is finally done. Now is time for the armor pieces. My friend have chosen metallic red to replace the existing one.

Looks expensive !!!

Pretty cool combination of Matt Black and Metallic Red here :)

A comparison to my HGUC Zeta !!!

Pretty much on par with Unicorn. Just slightly taller !!!

Can't stop myself from posting more pictures of my Unicorn too...hehe :)

Thanks for viewing and stay tune for more :)

23 July 2010

[WIP] MG 116 Sinanju WIP2

Minor update on Sinanju. Apparently the gold linings and detailing takes up too much time. Slow progress but its going on !!! Here are some random pictures and a few closer shots.

Stay tune for more :) Till next time...

22 July 2010

[NEW] MG The "O"

Something to look forward too. It has been quite some time since Bandai release a giant for the MG series. Zeong is huge but lacks in everywhere. Now we have THE "O" :) 

Now in my to buy list !!!!

21 July 2010

[WIP] MG 116 Sinanju WIP1

Again, I forgot to put even the tiniest description for my post. First off, this Sinanju is not mine. Belongs to Monkey-001. He has been eyeing this kit for some time now and should be one of those milestone kit. Shall serve as a good stopping point to Gunpla at this moment of time :)

Sorry for not being to post those immediate shots of WIP. But here is the semi-finished kit though :) 

Gun metal, gold and silver is the magic colors for any frames you are working on !!! Remember that :) 

Stay tune for more :) Till next time...
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