29 June 2010

[GALLERY] HGUC RX-78-2 G30th Special Custom

I have actually completed this kit long time back and took the pictures. Just did not have the time to post them up. Really happy with what I have done with this kit. Wanted to give the G30th THE G30th look so I opted for the more elegant silver, black and gold combo. 

I also utilised left over water slide decals from the MG RX-78-2 OYW. The kit itself is relatively easy but to make it stand out is another story. Too many RX 78-2 out there.

Gold EFSF emblem was painted on and Gun metal grey were used for the weapons...

I have also used Tamiya putty to remove seam lines for the first time...

Note that the shield is actually metallic black with a mist of silver...

Thanks for viewing and hope that you guys like what I have done with RX-78-2 :) Till next time..

27 June 2010

[GET] HLJ Free Shipment Purchase 2010

I am sure that most of you knew that there was the free shipping sales from HLJ a couple of weeks ago :) Bet that most of you got some stuffs ? Me and Monkey-001 got a couple of kits only this time round.

Here is the package. Fast and efficient courier EMS from HLJ as always.

Got MG Sinanaju, Wing ver.Ka and HGUC Sazabi...

Box are slightly damage though...first time from HLJ....

Thanks for viewing :) and expect some WIP soon. Till next time...

25 June 2010

[OTHERS] World Cup 2010 and Gaming...

Hi All, it has been some time since I last blogged. Though not blogging, I do still catch up on Gunpla news and visit most of the blogs listed on the right panel :) I am actually watching the England VS Slovenia match right now while writing this piece.

I am sure most of us are in World Cup fever now :D though most of the stronger teams are a let down. All the while I was just watching the World Cup and PS3 gaming when not blogging. And also work; of course :) Been addicted to PS3 now; and here are some of the games with me, 2 of which are not mine. 

Winning Eleven 2010 with my friends and Final Fantasy XIII solo. RE5 was great when I player with Monkey-001; and we went all out and bought the expansions online as

Thanks for viewing. Just posting to let all of you know that I am still around :) Till next time...

09 June 2010

[OTHERS] Gunplas Boxes Tidy Up

Quick post. It's that time of the Gunpla year again. Need to to some tidy up. You keep building and most of the time stuffs are here and there (which really is MESSY). All those boxes packed and ready for storage.

If you haven't been cleaning up. It's time to do it !!! And get ready for the WORLD CUP !!!

Thanks for viewing :) Till next time..

07 June 2010

[TOOLS] TatsuHobby Decals FINALLY arrived..

Just when I thought that I have just thrown my money into the sea for the decals at Tatsu, their packages arrived after approximately 2.5 months of waiting. The packages comes from the States and the shipping is free and I guess there is nothing to complain about if you are not in a rush to use the decals.

From San Jose apparently...

Well prepared invoice...

These decals were actually bought for my Nu reborn project but I did not have the patience to wait anymore so I got them from Sam's decal instead. Just from the prints, I can see that it has a better quality than Sam's decal though. Predefined boundary or "etched" is there already just like the decals from Bandai themselves. This means that there is no need to cut extremely accurately as the decal will come off with their own shape.

For Hi-Nu next time perhaps ?? haha...

Thanks for viewing :) Till next time.

05 June 2010

[GET] Model Kit World Magazine...

Went to Miri during one of the weekdays with my colleagues a couple of weeks ago. I got a couple of Dengeki Hobby magazine (those that are very outdated from last year) for RM4.00 each. Though I have already seen them, I still prefer looking at magazines in hard copies. 

Apart from the Dengeki and Hobby Japan, there are also magazines from HK. To my surprise, at RM10.00, the magazines comes with goodies. Just take a look at what the magazines has to offer.

Yes. Those are the conversion parts for MG RX-78-2 to Sangokuden's Liu Bei !!!

One of the magazine gave out the wing parts and the other crossbox rifle !!!

Will make scans of the magazine when I have the time to do so. It has detail pictures of LiuBei and GuanYu mod inside !!!

Stay tune for more and thanks for viewing.

02 June 2010

[GET] Kotobukiya's Model Supporting Goods (MSG)

One of those small things that my friend got from He was just browsing through some stuffs there but did not want to get anymore kits for the time being. But then again he could not stop himself to buy at least something. So yea, the MSG from Kotobukiya. The hand is actually meant for 144 kits but it looks too big to me. Probably will only fit larger 144 kits.

Kinda expensive for just the hands at 500yen |||

Made in China..

Thanks for viewing :) Till next time..
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