31 January 2010

Transformer Alternity - Cliff - Suzuki Swift [Part 2]

Went to my friend's place to get the manual scanned. I never did manage to find a scan of this online, so hopefully I am the first to do so...haha...Anyways, the transforming sequence for the Swift Cliff is pretty straight forward but tough to begin with due to the tight joints. That's a sign of good quality.

Here are the scans of the manual. There are in Japanese though.

I tried transforming it without using the manual though but took me too much time. And I got too lazy to read the manual so I just head over to youtube for a video of the transformation. Looks simple in the video probably because the joints are getting loose from the transformation over time.

Here is the video of the transformation. Good one with a comparison to other Alternites :)

But then again, videos are cool but I still prefer pictures for blogs. Here goes; my version of stills transformation :) Would say cooler than a video...haha...enjoy !

Thanks for viewing and look forward to my next post; Cliff in Action !!

30 January 2010

HG00 037 Seraphim...

I actually forgot to post about Seraphim. Got this kit out of boredom in Miri. Actually I wanted to get Nadleeh for fun because I was addicted to 00 kits while building Exia and O Gundam. At RM 44.90, I think its pretty decent to kill some time. Will be trying something new with this kit. Took the poor shop assistant at Boulevard 15mins to open up the double locked cabinet |||

By the time this post is up, I have already finished this kit. Here goes:-

2 x Runners only !!!

Stay tuned for the finished product :)

29 January 2010

HGUC 078 Acguy [Part 2]

Second and final part of Acguy pictures. You will see some repetitive pictures here and there because they were taken at a different time and place; and I am too lazy to remove them. Acguy is too fun. I am trying to make it look deadly rather than cute though.

Frankly speaking, I highly recommend this kit to anyone who just wants to build for fun. It's and easy kit and the outcome looks MG to me. Initially, I was thinking of getting the MG but I feel that it will be too big and overshadow the rest of my kits. Lame excuse.

But yea, thanks for viewing once again and hope you have enjoy Acguy in another point of view.

Actually the mono-eye is movable but I am too lazy to open up the clear cap to adjust it...

These are the extension parts and weapons...

Too bad Bandai did not include the clear vortex and missile shooting parts for this HG kit...

Next up will be the HG00 O Gundam :)
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