31 December 2009

[GALLERY] Some of My Collection of 2009 :)

This is a scheduled post :) I am currently in KK now. Probably shopping for some working shirts and pants...and also nonetheless some toys which are not available in Brunei :).

I find that I had never put all my gunplas together for a photoshoot. Reason being "studio" is only 0.5m x 0.5m; not too much of space to cater all of them (as if I have alot).

Anyways, here's my gunplas. Top 2, my favourite MGs of all time; RX-78-2 eldest of the generation and Exia youngest of the generation. Just look at how much difference the design has changed over the 3 decade !!

Both to me are gorgeous; in a mechanical sense :D

And here are my 1/144s. Right from the gigantic Nu, cool Kampfer and ultra-flexi Exia :)

And there is the cheap Kerberos from SG, first-painted Gunpla CaoCao and first online purchase from HLJ RX-78-2 :D

Frankly speaking, I do keep track of how much I have spend on model kits and not proud to say that I have spend quite alot ||| BUT I am sure there are people out there who is doing way "BETTER" than !!! You know who you are !!! :D

Once again, wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!

25 December 2009

[OTHERS] Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :D

wallpaper by dimant@deviantart

Hey to all of you who are reading/strolling/stumbled my blog now :D Happy holidays !!!! Best wishes to ALL and keep the partying going ya !!! This will be my last post for the year :D

Thank you very much to all of you who comes to my blog. I am very happy that this blog has been doing well since August 2009. Over this few months, I was able to meet new friends and fellow bloggers who share the same passion towards Gunpla. Thanks :)

Till my next post in 2010 !!! Will be away on the 26th of December 2009 and be back on the 4th of January 2010...


[TTHongLi] HG Zwei from KawanRia

Went to bandar for Avatar movie last Sunday. Checked with Kawanria again and it seems that they have restock Zwei; 2 were there and I helped my friend got one. Now this trio of Thrones is complete. Up to him to create a diorama :D

Thanks for viewing :)

24 December 2009

[GET] iShop2go Shipment Arrived Christmas Eve :D

I have ordered some goodies from them a couple of weeks ago and finally it came yesterday :D. Got myself the Alternity Swift Cliffhanger :D. Just to match with my red Suzuki Swift :D

Decent packaging from and a pretty well designed label to greet their customer. Notice also I got the BB Gundam Physalis. Well, it for my good friend Monkey-001. He already has a couple more of Sangokuden BB Gundams under his collection already. Will get some of photos of them next year :)

Since it's from Hong Kong, the manual is in Chinese.

But building instructions stays Japanese...

The free mechanics chain base that comes with the purchase. Christmas promotions :)

And yesh~~The Alternity A-03 Suzuki Swift Sports Cliffhanger !!!

Sorry for the bad photos. Bad lighting at that time. Thanks for viewing :) and Enjoy your holidays guys !!!

[GALLERY] MG 096 Strike Noir

I have finally finished Syful's Strike Noir. It was already partially done anyways from the beginning. Will be passing this kit back to him on this coming Friday :) Hopefully it is up to his standard ||| just an amateur here...The chest area was painted over and also parts of the arms by Syful so I did not remove it (actually, i don't know who to remove had Monkey-001 help with the photoshoot. Syful should know him :)

But yea, it's done and probably the last project for this year. I will be heading to KK Saturday and will be back next year :) .

A few words about this kit. It's great and highly pose-able when the back pack is off. I also find that the mechanics of the hand and legs moves fluidly making "playing" with the kit more fun and the "feel" of breaking the parts is very low. You sort feel it when a kit is fragile right ? Noir is not fragile (to me).

Apart from that, you will be able to see Noir in action/review almost everywhere. Start with Dalong. Did not have much time and the space to accommodate Noir fully equipped. Hence the limited number of pictures in this post. Usually, I segregate them into separate post depending on the action/pose. Haha...enough rambling.

Here goes:-

Thanks for viewing :)
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