31 March 2010

Swift Compensation...

Good thing that I have finally got the payment for my scratched car. Its a partial compensation of B$100 of B$180. I took it and made things simple for the both of us because the other driver has apologised to the trouble the accident has caused me. Case closed.

Lesson learned: Drive Carefully and Give Way Always !!!

30 March 2010

Soul of Chogokin GX-49 Mazinger Z with God Scrander

A break from Gunplas. I am building too many kits at the moment. Some new and some re-work. Mostly re-working a certain kit right now and is waiting for some of the components to arrive. 

So in the mean time, I got this Soul of Chogokin figure from Never thought that I would get one considering that the price is about 8,800yen without shipping. However, HLJ was having a sale on their SOC line-up (with GX-49 at 50% discount !!)and I have been watching the Mazinger anime so I just got it. 

The total cost of this figure is 4,400yen + 1,328yen = 5,728yen which converts to a total of B$90.50. So why not, considering that it is at 50% discount and the reasonable shipping charge with EMS

This time the package comes just fit for the SOC box..

I have already opened up the package prior to taking these pictures so expect some damage on the box..


Comes neatly packed in 3 compartment; Mazinger himself, God Scrander and the miscellaneous arms and display parts..

Various swappable parts to pose Mazinger..

The Soul of Chogokin Mazinger display base; one of the coolest feature of all SOC line-up..

The Mazinger casket..

The Mazinger is 60% diecast metal and 40% plastic due to the Zeus Fist transformation gimmick. It's counterpart GX-45 of Mazinger alone is fully diecast metal though.

There is some weight to the Mazinger. An approximation would be 5 x MG Exia at least.

Clearer pictures of the various swappable parts and display base..

The manual. I will probably scan it properly next time but some pictures here and there will do for now.

A bit of details/history of Mazinger in Japanese. Mecha pictures shown too.

Instruction on the transformation and part swapping procedures..

The detail of the SOC line-up lives up to up it's name. The Pilder in the picture below is actually about a 5cent coin. And yet the detail and its ability to fold up and sit on Mazinger's head.

Mazinger with the Pilder On !!!

Pictures of the God Scrander; the one and only weapon that made this SOC so desirable..

Thanks for viewing and stay tune for Mazinger in action.
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