28 January 2011

[GET] HGUC 100/101 Gundam Unicorn Beam Gatlings

My friend ordered this from Forgot to ask him how much it cost but you can check it out at the website. Simply cool. Never thought that DX would also remould the gatlings in 1/144 scale. 

Took the chance to take some pictures before we resume our Banshee mod. Random pictures:-

Thanks for viewing and stay tune for more :)

19 January 2011

[WIP] MG 097 Zaku II Type J (WIP1)

Monkey-001's last MG kit. I have been ushering him to build this kit for a long time. Finally, he has done it. The usual stuffs, starting with the frames with spray painting. Random WIP pictures, enjoy !!!

Thanks for visiting and stay tune for more :)

12 January 2011

[WIP] MG 093 Strike Freedom WIP1

First of all, I must clarify that this piece of masterpiece is not mine. Although not finished, I can already see how awesome it will be when completed. In fact, these pictures belongs to lcc, who appears in the shout out on my side bar and his blog (not updated frequently) is here.

The moment when I saw this pictures, I just wanted to put them on my blog. Enough said, please visit his blog and enjoy the pictures below:-

Awesome !!!

Thanks for viewing and do drop in any question for him here or his blog. Thanks !!

09 January 2011

[WIP] HGUC 089 Kampfer (R-WIP3)

Well, I am glad that you guys like what I have done to Kampfer. Here is some pictures of the semi-re-assembled Kampfer. As a reference, I have put Dalong's Kampfer then mine :)

Weapons not done yet.

Really like how it turned out. This is my first attempt to get this effect. 

Thanks for viewing and stay tune for more :)

07 January 2011

[WIP] HGUC 089 Kampfer (R-WIP2)

Believe it or not, the purpose of gold coating all the parts is to get the effects below !! Titanium-like finish. !! First layer of gold coating and then follow by clear-blue and voila; the super-metallic finish.

Take a look at the pictures and let me know what you all think.

Thanks for viewing and stay tune for more :) 
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