30 September 2009

[GET] September 2009 SG Gunpla Loot...

It's the end of September and this month I have got myself some Gunplas again !!! I have these for sometime already and finally got the time to take a few pictures of it. This time I got the 30th Anniversary RX-78-2, Kampfer and some tools.

Let Mr. Headless Exia show you guys the goods !!! Btw that's MG Exia WIP.

HGUC RX-78-2 30th Anniversary @ SG$22.00

HGUC Kampfer @ SG$31.50

Some Gundam Markers, Mr. Hobby Thinner & Silver No.8

Btw, Gundam Markers are SG$3.90 each, Thinner is SG$5.90 and Silver is SG$2.90. Note that one of the marker is Grey. Will be attempting first color scheme change for 30th Anniversary. Hope it turns out ok :) That's what the Silver No.8 is for.

27 September 2009

[GALLERY]HCM Pro 1/200 RX-78-2 Roll-Out Limited

This is the first Gunpla I have got ever since I got back to Brunei and restarted this hobby. Got this kit from HLJ just as a tryout @ only 743 Yen. It is awesomely cheap compared to Brunei. Saw it for sell at B$29.90 or more !!! That's approximately 1,900 Yen man !!!!

But yea, this kit is fun to play with due to its pretty flexible joints. However, I did not take any pictures of it being bend to its maximum, afraid it might loosen the joints...Take a look at some of the pictures I took. I actually bought this with another Speed Grade (SG) RX-78-2 at 900Yen but I have given it to my friend...Will see if I can get some pictures of it as well :)

Oh ya, I also did some panel lining. Out of box, RX-78-2 looks like this...

After lining, this is how it looks.

See the effect of the last 2 photos ? Its built into the camera :) Kinda cool man....can do some post processing before actually porting everything to my laptop. Still very new to the camera, found out that taking picture in room fluorescent is not that good. As a comparison, here's 3 pictures taking on my desktop with a 25W bulb at the back of me.

26 September 2009

[SALE] HGUC 077 Blue Destiny 2 !!!

Hey guys, got a unopened brand new kit here for sale. I am hoping to sell for B$30.00. The usual price is SG$32.95. I am not sure how to pass it to you guys (if anyone is at all interested) BUT I am going to Bandar Gadong area with my friends to meet with Tagashie for his bootleg PG Strike.

Please let me know if anyone is interested or else I will open it up and start this kit is from my friend who is getting the PG. He just got back from SG. I bought a few others kits and feel that its too much for me to handle for the time being (got some more from HLJ as well).

Please post at the chat area ya :)

Box Art of Blue Destiny 2

Credit of assembling manual pictures goes to Dalong.

[OTHERS] Old News...Zaku Phone !!! 2007

Is it me or is it Japan's Tech way ahead of us ?!!! Look at this Sharp 913H G Type Char Zaku phone. It's damn cool ya !!! and its a phone from Year 2007.

This Zaku head is actually like a docking station for the phone.

The Zaku eyes is actually triggered once the phone is dock and moves randomly left and right !!!

Here are some pictures and a closer look to the phone. It looks way beyond year 2007 and still fits into 2009 man !!!

Design and Interface screenshot obtained from their website.

More pictures. Enjoy !!! Some are from Dannychoo's website back in 2007 :) Old news but still a nice piece of gadget. I was still in university that time and working my ass off at some sushi restaurant in Australia....haha...and I don't even own any Gunplas !!!

25 September 2009

[OTHERS] Camera Test #1 : Viper GTS Coupe

Was at my friend's place playing PES 2009 on his pc the other day. While waiting for my turn to challenge, I saw his dusty old Viper GTS on top of his shelf. So I took it down and took a handful of pictures and test out my new camera :)

Here are 2 pictures take right next to the window with ambient natural light. Weather is kinda rainy though. Serves as a control to contrast between pictures with enough light source and those at low light.

Now here, these pictures were taken in a room with no lights on. The Viper was shot on a low bench facing natural light from the window. As usual A4 paper background was used. Photos were taken at ISO400, F2.8 in Auto macro mode at 8 megapixels; no flash. It can be done is 12.1 megapixels but I don think there is a need for that.

Thanks for viewing guys :) Photos are untouched and unaltered. I am amazed by this camera especially its macro capabilities. LOL...maybe cameras nowadays are all like that !!! Just that I am way behind the camera tech thingy. Purposely left those dust on :)

Click on picture for full view.

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