28 February 2010

Gunplas in Miri...

I just found out that buying Gunplas in Malaysia is cheap. BUT of course with this handy card :)

The power of this card is that it will give Gunpla purchases a whopping 30% discount. All these kits cost the same at RM89.90. To ease calculation, lets take it as RM90. At 30% discount, each kit will only cost RM63.00. Doing the conversion at B$1.00 giving RM2.40 each kit will cost B$26.30. That's pretty decent pricing !!!

To put things into perspective, these kits are sold at HLJ for 1,800 yen each which converts to B$28.50 WITHOUT shipping yet !!!

Here is what we have got:-

Note that only one (1) of this is mine; Double O Raiser Designer's Color..

1. HGUC 100 Gundam Unicorn (Destroy Mode)

2. HG00 038 Gundam 00 with O Raiser (Designer's Color)

3. HG00 051 Gundam Seravee GNHW/B

Yes, it is definitely cheaper to buy Gunplas in Malaysia, espcially Miri's Boulevards WITH their member card which I don't think is a very difficult to get commodities ;) MGs' prices are pretty decent though but you will need to do the calculation because Boulevard do not have the concept of differentiating PG, MG and HG.

However, I am not too sure how long usually these sales ends and when it starts. But then again, with the card, its a bargain :)

25 February 2010

MG 094 Strike IWSP WIP2

I have finished Strike a couple of weeks ago. Just before CNY :) Took me less time than expected. However, I still do not have the mood to apply all the decals and stickers to the panels. Will do that once in the mood again.

Not sure about you guys but I think Strike look awesome here especially with the frames exposed. WIP pictures always makes a Gundam more

Panel lines were done using grey Gundam marker instead of black and notice that some parts needed to be painted afterward.

Slowly putting together Strike's panels :)

A few slow sessions of building while watching CSI. Voila !!! Strike completed.

More pictures soon. Stay tune :)

24 February 2010

Gundam Unicorn OVA Episode 1

Gundam Unicorn OVA Episode 1 is out. I don't think there is a need to explain anything here. Fans are expecting this and the download links are here:-

Note that these links are not by me. Found them Googling. The webpage is here. Thanks to the Subbers and people who are seeding and uploading it for downloads.

At time download (23/02/2010), I am getting about 90KB/s on average. Have a look at the screenshot.

Have fun downloading :)

22 February 2010

MG 094 Strike IWSP WIP1

Here are some pictures of Strike IWSP in the making. Making the inner frame metallic like is a must for me now so it is taking longer than usual to build a MG. I usually panel line the frames first before brushing them. And this kit has quite a lot of panels with lining on the dorsal side.

More pictures soon. By the time this post is out, the kit would have been finished except for the IWSP which is alot of work...

20 February 2010

HG00 037 Seraphim [Part 1]

Apparently, lining Seraphim with orange is a right move :) Thanks for the positive comments :) Like I said before, this kit is a very simple kit. Ball joint for the legs. And form factor is extremely small. But then again, this kit is fun to build and can kill some time.

Not taken a whole lot of pictures yet. Got the clear green base and will be doing some shoots soon with action pose from the manuals :)

Sorry for the repetitive pictures. Too lazy to filter them and used a software to batch add those watermarks on.

Trying to magnify Seraphim here...

A couple of more shots with some special effects from my Sony DCS-W230 camera....

Stay tune. More pictures soon :)
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