06 March 2011

[SPECIAL] My Collection 2010

It's 2011. Finally, I have some time to arrange the Gunplas and models that I have. Just random pictures of the stuffs that I have ever since 2009. 

1st Level Detolf

This level is where I put the few last titans of the UC universe; MG Unicorn/Sinanju and HGUC Nu/Sazabi. Gundam fans would that Sazabi is the predecessor of Sinanju and Nu for Unicorn. Nu is the first kit that I have spray painted and also decalled using Samuel decal.

Even at 1/144, both the Sazabi and Nu is comparable in size to evolved 1/100 version. In fact, the MG version of Sazabi and Nu will be bigger than the MG Sinanju and Unicorn.

2nd Level Detolf

I have also put all the UC series here. Actually, most of the kits that I owned are from the UC. Note that Psycho and Zaku belongs to my friend. All the RX-78-2 are mine.

All the RX-78-2s :)

My favourite MG RX-78-2 ver.OYW...

Recently finished (except decal) Zaku II belongs to my friend and behind is the RX-178 which I have semi-completed last december...

Pycho Gundam; true titan !!!

3rd Level Detolf

This level is for kits which I cannot put together with level 1 & 2 plus some kits from 00 and SEED series. The MG Strike IWSP is awesome cool; armed with the IWSP and various weapons !!!

Had to put Exia into this pose or else it will fall down easily !!!

Silver Acguy...

 This Zeta was never finished...not sure whether it will ever be...

The fastest kit that I have built...7hrs straight including spray paint and decal !!!

MG and HG Exia together...

4th Level Detolf

Mix of everything and also all the SD gundams...

Mazinger Z with God Scrander...can transform into a fist !!!

Around my room

 Recently 85% decal-ed MG Wing ver.Ka...

Banshee WIP; not completed yet especially with the V-fins...

Unicorn Destroy mode...

Unicorn Unicorn mode...

Some other collections; Revoltechs, SICs, GFF and SHFiguart... 

Semi completed HGUC Kampfer; Titanium-ised recently in an experiment :)


  1. Nice collection! I am thinking of buying a Detolf to showcase my favourite mods too XD

  2. Nice collection there. Love your work.

  3. Thanks guys :) Btw, I do still drop by you guys blog every now and then !!! Wants to see all you guys collection too...consolidated :)


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