17 April 2011

[SALE] Gunpla Collection for Sale...

Hi All !! It has been some time since I posted anything. Frankly speaking, there will be lesser and lesser posts from now on and from this post you should be able to make out that I am slowly moving my interest to other things. I have gunpla-ying for the past 2 years already. Work is catching up and I will have to let go of some of the kits that I really liked. 

Please send me an email ( or leave a message in the shoutbox if anyone of you are interested (only available in Brunei).

Delivery will be discuss in case anyone is interested. Usually it will be meeting up at one place and handling over the kits/money.

Here are the stuffs for sale. Please note that I do not get much back from selling these kits. Almost Zero profit, just felt that it would be better to be built by someone rather lying at one corner gathering dust.

Item 1. 
RG-001 Gundam RX-78-2
Price: B$55.00

Bandai Water Slide Decal
Price: B$15.00

Item 2. 
RG-002 Char's Zaku II
Price: B$55.00 negotiable

Bandai Water Slide Decal
Price: B$15.00

Item 3. HG00 00 Raiser with XN Raiser & Samuel Decal
Price: B$70.00 B$40.00 negotiable

!! XN Raiser and Samuel Decal SOLD !!

Item 4.GFF 0035 Gundam Musha
Price: B$50.00 negotiable

Thanks for viewing and being interested (hopefully; buying :D).


  1. i' intersted on the musha. i'm from malaysia and don't actually know how to send you the money or the exchange rate. please advise and send me email at


  2. hi bozzo, thanks for being interest but i cannot send this item to you even if you are interested because i don't really know how to. i usually just pass the kits to the buyer in person...sorry

  3. that's your blog and gunplas..

  4. i'm interested in the char 'bout B$50?

  5. hey,you got a unicorn?

  6. Same place as u.


  8. Zeta MG or HG ? My Zeta is HG and half-built.

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