09 November 2010

[GET] StayReal Tees

Am sure most of us won't know of this brand call StayReal. Anyways, I got a couple of tees from this website in Taiwan called GoGoShopping. They are using EMS shipping as well. A bit of background about this brand (to my knowledge only) is that the owner and designer is the lead vocal of one of Taiwan's rock band called Mayday 五月天. Not too sure if any of you has heard their songs but they are good !!

Got to know of this brand via my colleague and this tees can only be bought in Taiwan. The last time someone went there, I only got myself one piece. This time my colleagues and I went into frenzy mode and bought about 10 pieces altogether. Each tee cost about B$45 with shipping (cheap because we share the shipping).

 Here is the main logo of StayReal

Here is Mayday 五月天

And here are my purchases. Go to their website to see the design.

Thanks for viewing :) Stay tune for more !!

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  1. Hi there. I want to talk to you about the Mayday DNA shirt. Can you email me
    Thanks a lot!


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