07 January 2011

[WIP] HGUC 089 Kampfer (R-WIP2)

Believe it or not, the purpose of gold coating all the parts is to get the effects below !! Titanium-like finish. !! First layer of gold coating and then follow by clear-blue and voila; the super-metallic finish.

Take a look at the pictures and let me know what you all think.

Thanks for viewing and stay tune for more :) 


  1. wow.. amazing effects... its really very nice.. and you've jus taught me a new trick tat i could use too!!!! im so excited to try it!! keke.. thanks man!

  2. dude!! I like what you did to the kampfer colors, it's like the metal version of it.

  3. hey guys !!! thanks, i will be posting some of the semi-assembled pictures tomorrow. nothing much :) will be busy again...slow updates lagi

  4. it gives different feeling compared to using a metallic blue on it directly... good job.

  5. thanks :) took me a while to decide to experiment on Kampfer...haha...lucky it was successful...


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