05 January 2011

[WIP] HGUC 089 Kampfer (R-WIP1)

I wrote this post some time before Christmas last year. As I have said before, I will be re-working a few of the kits; one of them is the Kampfer from Gundam 0080. What you are seeing below is not just any mere dip-in-water-clean-up routine. In fact, I am dipping all the parts in window cleaning solutions to remove all the dry brushing and painting I have done using Acrylic Tamiya paints. Yes, you do not need to always use thinner to remove paints :) 

Anways, here are some random pictures:-

See that all dry brush has been dissolved...

If you are thinking that I am changing the color scheme for Kampfer to Gold, think again :) 

Perhaps someone can guess what I am about to do ? 

Anyways, the purpose of spraying all the parts gold will be revealed in a couple of days time :) Stay tune for more. Thanks for viewing :)

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