09 July 2010

[WIP] MG 102 Gundam Unicorn Beam Gatling x 2 WIP

No choice. Though this Beam Gatling is from TT HongLi, I had to get it. It did come with a very clean and comprehensive assembly manual though.

Like all "replicas" TT HongLi has some excessive plastic that needs to be trim off before assembly. The plastic itself is not of high quality but it does not matter as I am going to spray paint them.

This is now my usual take on building gunplas. I usually cut off all the parts from the runner and then clean the nips. Then I panel line what is necessary then use double tape to get the parts ready for spray painting. Just like this.

I used a couple of colours this time:-
1. Tamiya Metallic Black TS-40
2. Tamiya Matt Black TS-38
3. Tamiya Mica Silver TS-76

Finally, complete assembly:- 4 x Beam Gatling / 2 pairs Beam Gatling.

Thanks for viewing. Stay tune for more :)


  1. Woah, TTHongLi even made bootleg of these! Where you got it? Nicely spray!

  2. he wen, i got these online. see my previous post for the link to the shop ya :)

  3. hey joe I wanna ask you, did you cut your MG sinanju fingers so they could move individually??
    because I do, then My sinanju couldnt hold the riffle, can I fixed itu with epoxy putty?

  4. Hey Judaz, I did not cut the fingers off each other as I knew it will make wielding weapons difficult. I believe anything that puts them back together (including glue should work). Not tried epoxy though...


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