29 July 2010

[GET] Perth Holiday Purchases :)

Hi All !! I am currently in Perth now. Weather is cold with occasional rains but still bearable. Have not been doing much here but just took care of some personal matters. Nonetheless, when you are on holiday, you shop !!!

Not many know that in fact electronics stuffs especially IT stuffs can be very cheap as well. To my surprise, Gunpla is catching up here and the prices have drop drastically since the last time I was here. 

Here are the stuffs which I have bough so far...

MG RX-78-2 ver.2.0 Smoked Clear - AUD 59.00

Go here to their website and here for their facebook. They have alot of kits !!! Just get their address there :)

PS2/3 Games !!! Some of the games are preowned and got FF12 because I have never played it before although I just finished FF13...

Final Fantasy XII - AUD20.00 [Preowned]

Heavy Rain - AUD49.00 [New]

Assassin's Creed 2 - AUD46.00 [Preowned]

Devil May Cry 4 - AUD29.00 [Preowned]

Armored Core 4 - AUD20.00 [Preowned]

Need for Speed Underground - AUD29.00 [Preowned]

Oblivion 4 - AUD19.00 [Preowned]

Altered Species - AUD14.00 [Preowned]

WD TV Mini (Media Player) - AUD49.00 and WD Elements SE (500GB) - AUD99.00

I have also bought other things which I am too lazy to blog. Going to get the God of War 3 - Collectors Edition tomorrow. If I am not wrong, it was selling for AUD69.00.

Plus iPhone 4GS is launching tomorrow !!! Don't think I have a chance to get my hands on it though :( 

Thanks for viewing :)


  1. Woah! Many games you got! Heavy Rain is a emotional game, nice too. DMC4 is nice too! XD

  2. hehe...ya..sorry for the late alert if someone posted a comment...dun know how to turn in on


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