07 July 2010

[GET] Gundam Unicorn & Sinanju Beam Gatling x 2 & Bazooka Gun

Yep. Have got both the Beam Gatling x 2 pairs and Bazooka Gun for MG Unicorn and Sinanju respectively :) Cost a fortune man...but it is well worth it just to complete these 2 awesome MGs. The e-shop we got it from is HMShop. Go have a look as they are selling a variety of stuffs.

Note that they are not from Bandai though; replicas only.

The manual is decent. Didn't expect that it will come with any though..

Here is Sinanju's Bazooka gun...will have to wait until Monkey-001 finishes his MG Sinanju first...

Anyone of you guys thinking of getting these weapons ? hehe...thanks for viewing and stay tune for more :)

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