23 August 2010

[WIP] HGUC 088 Sazabi WIP5

I have been meaning to post this for a couple of days already. Apparently there is something wrong with the uploading function so I just had to switch back to the old version to blog. Which in this case turns out pretty easy to use; back to the basics.

Anyways, long story cut short, I have almost finished decalling my Sazabi. Here are some random pictures. I really like how it turn out in the end. Plus I am giving Tatsu Hobby's decal 2 thumbs up. Good quality with pre-etched bounds/shapes.

There are still some painting yet to be done to the weaponry etc etc..

Note that I have also made the thruster white instead of the usual full black...

Closer look of all the details...

Funnel also decalled...looks cooler :)

Thanks for viewing and stay tune for more :)


  1. sweet!! And those decals are excellent! where to get ah? I wanna get for my MG


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