16 August 2010

[OTHERS] Mr.Hobby/Gunze and RJ London

Not too sure about for other builder, for me, I find that I still do not find a spray from Tamiya that is chrome/silver enough to my liking for some detailing purpose. Then me and my friend decided to try out the RJ London chrome.

Initially, I was afraid that it will be alike my RX-78-2 all over again if things goes wrong. But then again, it works, but you will still need to top coat it to prevent the chrome from coming off though. You should/will see that in my WIP for Sazabi, I have use this chrome for the thrusters and some energy cable. So far so good.


Frankly speaking, top coat is difficult to get in Brunei. Where did you guys get it other than from KawanRia ? There is a place selling in KB but it is very old and the pressure inside is kinda low. Have a look at the pictures below of the 2 versions. 

Thanks for viewing :)


  1. how about tamiya flat clear?

  2. hmmm....i have not personally not tried it before but i am sure it is different because my fren uses it to coat his tamiya car model to look shiny and glossy...


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