08 August 2010

[GET] MG & RG RX-78-2 !!! Again...

Hi All, it's been sometime since I properly sit in front of my PC to blog again. I have just got back from my Perth holiday Monday (2/8/10). Got back to work the following day; work was piling up and I have to read about 60 emails which is pretty decent for me as a graduate. But anyways, I again have added two more RX-78-2 into my collection total to 7 now !!!

Nonetheless, I don't think any RX-78-2 fans will pass the RG which was recently released. In additional to that, I spotted the MG smoked clear version for only AUD59 which is considerably cheap !!!

Enough with the BS. Here are the pictures which I have taken hastily last night.

Awesome box art for both the kits !!!

RX-78-2 is still my all time favourite !!!

I was surprised when Bandai announced RG. Really spiced things up !!! 

Very elegant box art with the fade to black design...

All the MG-goodness in a 1/144 package...may even be MG 1.5 in my opinion !!!

Comes with the instruction manual and a Gunpla Navigation Catalogue 2010

Will find some time and scan it for you guys :)

Very MG-ish instruction manual for a 1/144 kit !!!

The runners...

Pre-built RG frame...

Very detail foil stickers...

I like the greyish white for this kit !!! No need to respray color, just a top coat will do :D

Next up is the MG counterpart in the 1979 design...

Really looking forward to building the frame !!!

The frame color is a bit special so this time I will only topcoat it...

Thanks for viewing and stay tune for more !!! But not so soon...haha


  1. Woah! The RG sure look MG-ness! LoL! I wondered what more Gundams will be in RG!

  2. Char's Zaku II and i think many more interesting ones...hopefully another Zeta which is transformable :D


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