29 December 2010

[GALLERY] MG111 Gundam RX-78-2 ver2.0 Smoked Clear

Well, I have also finished this kit sometime ago but did not have the time to post any pictures of it. Anyways, now I am still in Taiwan and this is just a schedule posting. Wanted to end year 2010 with yet another RX-78-2, my favourite Gundam of all time. Anyways, there is only one pose for this kit.

Stay tune for more and thanks for viewing :)


  1. happy new year my friend...
    can i ask u... do you use primer on your kits ? when u r painting the armor or any other part of the kit do u use primer on any ???

  2. halo chuchokain :) happy new year to you too; nope i don prime my kits...frankly speaking i do not see the need to yet...maybe next time i will try lo...all my kits are not prime prior tp spray paint tho..


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