30 June 2011

[GET] MC Gundoom Nu

First off, I know that has been a craze over the gunpla community about this kits from MC. I got it out of curiosity and also simply because the details are awesome. The box art itself is actually on par with some of Bandai's own. I am impressed. At a price of RM65.90, it cost about B$27.20 only. I shared this kit with my friend. 

Well, upon unboxing the kit and looking at the runners itself, I must say that the quality is very close to Bandai. For now, I am only showing you guys random pictures of the contents inside. Will build this once I have the mood, money and time. 

Enjoy the random pictures:-

Awesome box art !!

Reasonable price !!

High Grade Comprehend ?

Weapons are provided in pairs !!

MC stands for Model Comprehend...

Content of the box...

Interesting print inside the box...

The manual is very well done too. Too lazy to scan. Just google and you will find it abundant. 

The runners :) 

Deep details on the head parts...

Etched insignia here and there...

Thanks for viewing and stay tune for more :)


  1. Personally, I think the box art is way better than Bandai's XD

  2. i agree with you completely...


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