10 July 2011

[SALE] IKEA DETOLF Glass Cabinet & Collection for Sale


For sale. The IKEA Detolf has been renown for display model kits all over the world. Don't think I need to elaborate further more. Please contact me if you are interested. 

IKEA Detolf
[SOLD @ B$120] 

Collection for Sale:-

SHFiguartSuper Saiyan Son GokuB$ 45.00
SHFiguartSuper Saiyan Son GohanB$ 45.00
RevoltechNo.21 Giant Robo 2B$ 17.00
RevoltechNo.44 Black OxB$ 17.00
RevoltechNo.55 Johannes Krauser IIB$ 15.00
RevoltechNo.76 EVA-01 Movie EditionB$ 52.00
AlternityTransformer CliffJumperB$ 62.00 [Booked]
GFFNo.0035 Gundam Shin MushaB$ 45.00
SOCChogokin GX-49 Shin Mazinger ZB$ 80.00

Thank you for being interested.


  1. Any pics of the Krauser II ? If ship to Sabah how much will it cost ? Do you accept Paypal ?

  2. hi evaritus lau, sorry bro, i don't do the delivery, not that i don't want, more of i don't know how to make it work. thanks for being interested :)

  3. Can I book the IKEA detolf? I will pay you by the end of this month.

  4. hello kamal, sorry for the late reply. i just saw your post, as I have not been checking my blog frequently now. I have sold it to someone else a couple of days already. sorry about that...


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