07 July 2011

[WIP] MC Gundoom Nu WIP1

 NOTE:  These are scheduled post. I have already stopped this hobby of mine and selling off all my stuffs. Please see 1 or 2 posts before this. Thanks.

I jumped into the MC Gundoom craze a while ago too. We got this kit for RM66 shared by me and my friend so its pretty decent. Took out the kit and unpacked the runners from the plastics bags, and I must say that the quality of the plastics is actually very good and comparable to Bandai.
Just take a look at some of these pictures. By the time you guys see these pictures, I think me and my friend should be half way done with the kit already :)

Cool looking MC logo...

Pretty accurate and decent mold...

Panel lines are actually too deep for Gundam markers to get in...

Cool details...really Bandai should do something...similar...

Thanks for viewing and stay tune for more :)


  1. I was wondering why is the head so different than mine.. Then I realized its a Nu.. LOL

  2. The detailing on the parts are really quite impressive

  3. this kit was finished off by my friend...i did till the spray painting only...will post it in the future...


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