25 December 2010

[WIP] MG 086 Gundam RX-178 Mk.II ver.2.0 (WIP7)

As promised, here is a wrap up of my final project of 2010; the MG086 RX-178 Mk.II ver.2.0. Although not 100% completed, I am happy with the outcome. If you can see, I have put some decals on and what I have not done is painting some of the details. Like I said, it has to wait till next year. 

Anyways, as a comparison, you will find Dalong's built here:-

This is mine:-

Thanks for viewing :) Stay tune for more next year !!! Happy Holidays !!!!


  1. Nicely painted! and a merry christams to you!

  2. finally finished! love the off white/grey! i used it for my rx-78-2 too.. XD merry christmas to you too!

  3. hehe :) ren,tako &gunpla; yes finally finished !!! happy holidays guys !!

  4. Happy late christmas bro, Love how you finished this


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