18 December 2010

[WIP] MG 086 Gundam RX-178 Mk.II ver.2.0 (WIP2)

Slowly but surely, I will be finish with this kit by 2011. As usual, spray painting :) I have chosen another grey to replace the purple-ish frame and gold to replace the yellow. Found that Tamiya's Gold is very nice. As for grey, I have chosen those color made specially for model aircraft/planes. In fact, only these range has all the matted colors :) 

Random pictures:-

Stay tune for more :) Thanks for viewing !!!


  1. Awesome wip.
    *sigh* Donno when I be able to finish my Sinanju.

    Do you spray indoors?

  2. hi rafys78, haha...i know that sinanju is a pain in the ass, will take almost forever..oh ya, i don do it indoors, must do outdoor or u will get choke with the poisonous gas :(

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