05 June 2010

[GET] Model Kit World Magazine...

Went to Miri during one of the weekdays with my colleagues a couple of weeks ago. I got a couple of Dengeki Hobby magazine (those that are very outdated from last year) for RM4.00 each. Though I have already seen them, I still prefer looking at magazines in hard copies. 

Apart from the Dengeki and Hobby Japan, there are also magazines from HK. To my surprise, at RM10.00, the magazines comes with goodies. Just take a look at what the magazines has to offer.

Yes. Those are the conversion parts for MG RX-78-2 to Sangokuden's Liu Bei !!!

One of the magazine gave out the wing parts and the other crossbox rifle !!!

Will make scans of the magazine when I have the time to do so. It has detail pictures of LiuBei and GuanYu mod inside !!!

Stay tune for more and thanks for viewing.


  1. I also want the conversion parts.. Too bad I can't get it in Singapore^^;

  2. is it ? i saw a website in sg selling these mags ? v2hobby...try googling it

  3. Oh so those were parts for Ryubei in MG, some friend passed it to me and I have no idea for which kit was it hahaha.


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