25 June 2010

[OTHERS] World Cup 2010 and Gaming...

Hi All, it has been some time since I last blogged. Though not blogging, I do still catch up on Gunpla news and visit most of the blogs listed on the right panel :) I am actually watching the England VS Slovenia match right now while writing this piece.

I am sure most of us are in World Cup fever now :D though most of the stronger teams are a let down. All the while I was just watching the World Cup and PS3 gaming when not blogging. And also work; of course :) Been addicted to PS3 now; and here are some of the games with me, 2 of which are not mine. 

Winning Eleven 2010 with my friends and Final Fantasy XIII solo. RE5 was great when I player with Monkey-001; and we went all out and bought the expansions online as

Thanks for viewing. Just posting to let all of you know that I am still around :) Till next time...

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