07 June 2010

[TOOLS] TatsuHobby Decals FINALLY arrived..

Just when I thought that I have just thrown my money into the sea for the decals at Tatsu, their packages arrived after approximately 2.5 months of waiting. The packages comes from the States and the shipping is free and I guess there is nothing to complain about if you are not in a rush to use the decals.

From San Jose apparently...

Well prepared invoice...

These decals were actually bought for my Nu reborn project but I did not have the patience to wait anymore so I got them from Sam's decal instead. Just from the prints, I can see that it has a better quality than Sam's decal though. Predefined boundary or "etched" is there already just like the decals from Bandai themselves. This means that there is no need to cut extremely accurately as the decal will come off with their own shape.

For Hi-Nu next time perhaps ?? haha...

Thanks for viewing :) Till next time.

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