29 June 2010

[GALLERY] HGUC RX-78-2 G30th Special Custom

I have actually completed this kit long time back and took the pictures. Just did not have the time to post them up. Really happy with what I have done with this kit. Wanted to give the G30th THE G30th look so I opted for the more elegant silver, black and gold combo. 

I also utilised left over water slide decals from the MG RX-78-2 OYW. The kit itself is relatively easy but to make it stand out is another story. Too many RX 78-2 out there.

Gold EFSF emblem was painted on and Gun metal grey were used for the weapons...

I have also used Tamiya putty to remove seam lines for the first time...

Note that the shield is actually metallic black with a mist of silver...

Thanks for viewing and hope that you guys like what I have done with RX-78-2 :) Till next time..


  1. G3 colour right? It really stands out from the other G30ths, keep up the good job!

  2. hey daymien :) thanks for the comments...notreally the g3 cos its not blue but something like it though...wanna link up ?


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