28 February 2010

Gunplas in Miri...

I just found out that buying Gunplas in Malaysia is cheap. BUT of course with this handy card :)

The power of this card is that it will give Gunpla purchases a whopping 30% discount. All these kits cost the same at RM89.90. To ease calculation, lets take it as RM90. At 30% discount, each kit will only cost RM63.00. Doing the conversion at B$1.00 giving RM2.40 each kit will cost B$26.30. That's pretty decent pricing !!!

To put things into perspective, these kits are sold at HLJ for 1,800 yen each which converts to B$28.50 WITHOUT shipping yet !!!

Here is what we have got:-

Note that only one (1) of this is mine; Double O Raiser Designer's Color..

1. HGUC 100 Gundam Unicorn (Destroy Mode)

2. HG00 038 Gundam 00 with O Raiser (Designer's Color)

3. HG00 051 Gundam Seravee GNHW/B

Yes, it is definitely cheaper to buy Gunplas in Malaysia, espcially Miri's Boulevards WITH their member card which I don't think is a very difficult to get commodities ;) MGs' prices are pretty decent though but you will need to do the calculation because Boulevard do not have the concept of differentiating PG, MG and HG.

However, I am not too sure how long usually these sales ends and when it starts. But then again, with the card, its a bargain :)

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