09 February 2010

2010 HWJapan Big 1st Haul [Part2]

Pretty decent packaging by HWJapan. But the packaging from HLJ is still the best with air pockets protecting the goods. On the other hand, HWJapan uses newspaper to fill the gaps so that the goods will not be damage. Fun thing is that you can have a look at the japanese newspaper and some of the prices of their daily use products like Nescafe etc etc.

Anyways, here are the Gunplas I bought this time round. The rest are all mine except for the HGUC Pyscho, HG00 Arios and the Celestial Being base.

Phew~~~don't even know which to start with now !!!


  1. how u make order of this gunpla and where? looks like how much u spending it?

  2. yo mangyver :) refer to this post of mine here:

    You will see the price and shop...

  3. That is one really big haul... o.o

  4. ya..prolly the biggest for me this


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