01 February 2010

HG00 052 O Gundam [WIP]

Yes :) I finally started the O Gundam and it's addicting to build this kit. Simply because its an easy kit and its highly posable :) I was watching a movie while building this kit...haha...but yea, this is my not-so-WIP.

Stretching for the 00 series kit is no problem....

Kneeling position; a challenge even for most MG kits...

Decided to paint a bit of silver here and there and color the fins on the chest yellow...

Voila !!! Simple and Majestic :D

Thanks for viewing :) Will do some action pose post soon..stay put :)


  1. 0 gundam?? cant wait for 1/100 scale version coming out

  2. haha...not sure whether there will be 1/100 or not lo...


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