11 February 2010

2010 HWJapan Big 1st Haul [Part3]

Took out all the kits and picture them at my friend's place. Sure bought a hell lot of toys man. Spend even less compare to apparels for CNY !!! But then lol...this is the mountain of toys:-

First off, it's my friend's Psycho Gundam. Huge load of runners and box is big. Made the other MG's runner look little...haha...

Look at the footprints !!! It's bigger than SD F91!!

Next up is my MG RX-178 with clear parts; nothing out of ordinary other than the extra clear parts :)

It comes with its own display hangar as well. Extremely good buy at only 2800yen.

The clear parts :)

Next up, again mine :) the MG Unicorn. I know that the OVA version has "better" articulation but I do not want to fork out so much for that "extra" bending.

Again, this HGUC Zeta is mine. I have been wanting to get this for a long long time and yes, this time I got it via HWJapan. Funny thing is that the booklet got sealed in one of the runners bag. Factory defects yo...haha..rare to see Bandai making mistakes...

I bought another RX-78-2 30th Anniversary. Still remember I destroyed one last time when trying to spray it silver ? haha...kinda cheap kit...only 840 yen.

I also got a HGUC Unicorn. Planning to display it using the Dengeki Unicorn Head I got from the magazine and putting the MG Unicorn Destroy mode at the back :D...

And the last kit belongs to my friend in SG. With this, he has completed his Gundam 00 collection.

Thanks for viewing. Won't be buying for some time. At time of writing this, I am also building my MG IWSP Strike. Expect some WIP soon and pictures of some other finished kits like Seraphim :)

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