12 February 2010

HG00 037 Seraphim WIP

This time I have taken the Seraphim and added orange panel lines to it. Just to beat the monotonous all black theme. Don't be fooled by the pictures, in fact, Seraphim is smallest 1/144 Gundam I have ever build. It's comes pretty close to the 1/200 HCM pro RX-78-2 of mine. But nonetheless, a pretty fun kit. The articulation is not too much to be bragged about (although it's much better than alot of kits out there).

Considering that Seraphim is suppose to be the backpack of Seravee, Bandai's designer has done a pretty good job here. Good details here and there to make Seraphim still a Gundam. I still prefer Nadleeh though. Will get it one of these days :).

Some pictures of WIP and the final product. Will have more pictures of him in action soon :D

Thanks for viewing :D


  1. Putting the orange colour is a brilliant idea.

  2. What kind of pen did you use for the panel lines? Looking sweet..

  3. Thanks Willie :) Initially, I was thinking of lime green but my friend suggested orange and the outcome is what I desired :)

  4. Yo mkuain, I used a toothpick to panel line Seraphim :)

  5. Just a toothpick? No paint at all? Or does the toothpick has some paint inside? /sarcasm

    Seriously though, you've used a toothpick alongside with what? Ink? Paint? Martian's blood?

  6. haha ||| of course with paint la ||| haha...tamiya orange ;)

  7. Yo gila so nice ah! the panel line paint is the best thing about it and the way u apply it

    I also have him at home but not as handsome as yours hahaha

  8. Gah.. I have no patient nor skill for hand painting xD


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