07 May 2010

[GALLERY] HGUC 101 Gundam Unicorn ver.Ka [Part 1] [Reborn]

This is the official picture post of my Gundam Unicorn ver.Ka. Took me alot of time to finish this kit and I must remind you all that this is a HG 1/144 kit. Before looking at my work, lets take a look at dalong's out-of-box build. Here are the pictures:-

And then there my first version of Unicorn which is nothing out of the ordinary.

Then after several weeks of experiments with sprays paints, water decals and mark softer, the end result (which I am very satisfied with) HGUC 101 Gundam Unicorn ver.Ka. Don't ask me how much I have spend on this kit though. But for sure, its definitely more than B$50.

Unicorn is one of the plainest kit of all time, pure plain white but when decal-ed, it becomes one of the most complicated looking mecha in the history of Gundam !!!

I had to post Unicorn this way. It may look lame but I think this kit deserves some lime light. Pardon fme or idolizing this HG kit but I can't stop it.  


Thanks for viewing and stay tune to see more of HGUC 101 Unicorn ver.Ka.


  1. Nice pose with it. Looks like you love it! XD

  2. thaks wen, sorry for the late work and work |||

  3. i didn know the unicorn HG were ver. ka

  4. oo...this is technically not the ver.ka, since i am using the ver.ka decal, i called it ver.ka...haha...hope it clarifies :)


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