04 May 2010

[WIP] HGUC 101 Gundam Unicorn R-WIP1 Decal HELL 2 !!!

I am almost finished with this hellish procedure of water decalling a VER.KA. Water decal itself is easy but the shear number of extremely small and detail decal that you need to repeatedly do is really unbearable. I think after this ordeal, I don't think there will be any such experience again AND when I looked at the Gundam Zeta decal which I bought; its like a joke to me. 

Ver.Ka decal itself in MG is bad enough. Just imagine the everything got more tedious when the scale got smaller. Try it and you will understand. Not trying to exaggerate or anything though but simply sharing my experience |||  

Kit is 95% decal-ed. Thanks to my handy and sharp OLFA blade, I was able to cut out these decal piece by piece. Though some of the decals were damage due to my finger pressure on other parts of the decal, I think Unicorn just turn out fine.

See those "invisble" decals on those un-bladed area ? Those are white decals which are for the Magnum Rifle (which Unicorn mode does not have |||). I will use it on other kits though.

Thanks for viewing and stay tune.


  1. how do you know which place to put the decal? i hav ordered too, but i need a guide for the decal placement.

    1. i would like to know also. been trying to google but to no avail unfortunately. i have the ver kai model which i havent (dared) touch. checked the manual since i figured, they should be the same right? but theyre actually different. any guides on the decal placement would be a big help.


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