01 May 2010

[GET] DeviantArt Tees @ 25% Discount

It's that time again, small break from Gunpla once again. I have a DeviantArt account which I do not check too often nowadays. A week ago, I went in and clean things up and saw this promotion. Their tees were at 25% discount. Browse through them and it was pretty cool so I got myself 3 tees. 
The total cost was about USD62 with FEDEX delivery service :) I got them in 3 days right to my doorstep without going through the post office.

Here's the package. It has been some time since I last received such package:-


The 3 tees, Black is never wrong guys...


Diablo Mysterioso


All these tees are work of Deviants so I guess it will be fairly unique in Brunei...

By the way, the sale is over but there is nothing to stop you guys from browsing through their stuffs here.

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