08 May 2010

[WIP] MG 078 RX-78-2 OYW R-WIP1

I reworked my RX-78-2 too. Not surprise to myself. Just a word of advise to those who just started Gunpla. Never buy and start with your favourite kit. Or else it will make your job triple in the future. Go here to see how this kit looks like previously. The pictures are not clear as I was still using a lousy camera then. Wait till my next post, I will put up the comparison. Cheers.

Frame completely spray painted with Tamiya Gun Metal

The kneeling pose.The "benchmark" for all Gunpla kits.

Minor detailing on the thrusters...

Almost done with RX-78-2. Thanks for viewing and stay tune for more.


  1. What do you use for tracing panel lines for new RX-78-2 OYW kits. I got a kits like this too. Is it pencil or marker, grey or black. Can you answer my question to this email thank you.

  2. Hi Phyo,

    The only thing I did to this kit was lining it with a grey marker then rubbing if off with a cotton bud (slightly oiled). It will look more natural.

    The other thing I have done is top coating it.

    Tell me if you need further help :)



  3. How do you remove the excess paint come from lining? My solution is dip the cotton swap with gundam marker remover and wipe out gently from surface. However, I saw a warning online that marker remover can get rid the plated color. Do you have alternative solution?

    what kinds of top coat do you use on RX-78-2 model.Is it clear coat or flat?

    Do you use any decal management solution? I have a bottle of microsol and microset, but I'm not sure microset can apply on the model surface without damaging? Some people said Mr mark softer and setter is so strong.

  4. How do you remove the excess paint from gundam lining? Do you use gundam marker remover. Could you tell me if you have a good solution? this is my email

  5. hi phyo, i basically use a semi-oiled up cotton bud and tissue to wipe away the excess. Just wipe with no restriction.

    I do not use gundam marker remover though.

  6. What's the different between airbrushing and spraying with can. Do you think air brushing give better look? (

  7. Hy Phyo, of course air brushing will be better looking as you will have absolute control on what colors and effects u want for your kits. Spray cans are limited in colors and expensive but the paint is usually better than those mixed by ourselves.

  8. Here is a gundam page that make me inspire to try airbrushing ( His works are so cool. The models are look solid, flat and clear. Especially, Hi nu gundam is my favorite one. Now, I've got headache for painting silver leaf color to Hydraulic parts on legs of RX-78-2 O.Y.W (Pink color one).

  9. thanks phyo :) will look at it when free...

  10. DO you know any place that can buy gundam model kit parts?


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